Lasik Eye Surgery Pre and Post Operative Care in Ogden UT

Lasik Eye Surgery is a great choice for anyone wanting to improve their vision and our pre and post-operative care is top-notch. Come to Promontory Family Vision today to experience our standard of care. Schedule an appointment online today or call for more information.

Lasik Eye Surgery Pre and Post Operative Care Near Me in Ogden, UT
Lasik Eye Surgery Pre and Post Operative Care Near Me in Ogden, UT

LASIK eye surgery is a common procedure to correct vision. Millions of operations have been performed with great success. Chances are, you know someone who has had LASIK surgery performed. Although the success rate is very high, it is important to take the following precautions to ensure proper healing, both before and after the procedure.

What is the pre-op care for LASIK eye surgery?

  1. Stop wearing soft contact lenses in the operative eye or eyes two weeks before your preoperative examination. Also, if applicable, stop wearing gas permeable contact lenses one month prior to your pre-operative examination for every ten years the contacts have been worn. The cornea needs this “rest period” for your treatment to be successful. Do not wear your contact lenses between your pre-operative examination and the surgery date.
  2. Do not wear eye make-up, hairspray, facial lotions, perfume, cologne or aftershave on the day of surgery. Make-up can be a source of infection, and fumes can interfere with the laser.
  3. You may receive a type of sedation on the day of surgery. Therefore:
  • Prior to your surgery, make arrangements for someone to drive you home.
  • Do not return to work on the day of your procedure.
  • Do not plan any activities or events for the remainder of the day.
  1. On the day of surgery, plan to spend at least two hours with us. If possible, have your ride wait for you during the procedure, so you can avoid arranging a ride afterwards.

What are the precautions after laser eye surgery?

The day after your procedure, you may be asked to return to our office to see your surgeon so they can check your vision and assess how you are healing. Most patients are cleared to return to work or school after this follow-up visit, but each patient is different. You will be instructed to use antibiotic and steroid eye drops for about one week after surgery. Recovering from LASIK is an ongoing process, although you will quickly notice significant improvement in your vision. Although full recovery varies by patient, it may take about three to six months for your vision to fully stabilize.

We advise you to follow these guidelines to make sure your recovery is as quick and comfortable as possible:

  • Wear the protective eye shield for as long as your optometrist has recommended
  • Avoid applying pressure on the eyes for at least a week after surgery
  • Avoid swimming and getting the eyes wet or soapy for one week after surgery
  • Avoid high impact activities like sports for at least two weeks after surgery

What happens if you move or blink during laser eye surgery?

The laser waits or adjusts to compensate for the movement if it is not in exactly the right place for the treatment. Eye-tracking technology prevents coughing, sneezing, or jumping from affecting the results of the procedure, just as eye drops and blinking cannot disrupt laser eye surgery.

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