Eye Strain and Headache Relief Center in Ogden, UT

If you are suffering from eye strain or headache, please do not hesitate to contact Promontory Family Vision. We provide effective solutions that gives relief from these symptoms. For more information call us today or simply request appointment online.

Eye Strain and Headache Doctor Near Me in Ogden, UT
Eye Strain and Headache Doctor Near Me in Ogden, UT

Regular eye strain headaches can affect the quality of each day, but you can find solutions with us at Promontory Family Vision. Sometimes a patient’s underlying issue is simply staring too long at a computer screen, while other times the issue is a bit more complex than that, but either way, you’ll find solutions at our clinic. Contact us today so learn more or to see an eye strain and headache doctor in Ogden, UT!

What does it mean if your eyes hurt and you have a headache?

These two symptoms are likely due to eye strain which is quite common. Eye strain can happen if your eyes get tired due to overuse, such as by staring at a computer screen for too long or by trying to focus your eyes in light that’s too dim or too bright. Sometimes a vision problem can be the underlying cause of eye strain.

Eye strain and the accompanying headache aren’t serious, so your eyes aren’t damaged, but they can still make work and other activities difficult, and they’re signs that you need to be doing something differently like looking away from your computer screen more often. You might also have other symptoms like watery eyes or a neck or back ache. Go see a professional if your strain and headaches are regular and disruptive.

An eye strain headache usually isn’t a big deal, but there are some times when eye strain/pain is a sign of something more serious than eye overuse.

How do you know if eye pain is serious?

You definitely should see a doctor if your eye strain headaches are accompanied by eye pain. With eye pain in general, it’s necessary to call emergency medical care (911) if:

  • You have blood or pus coming from your eye(s)
  • Your eye pain is severe or accompanied by fever/unusual sensitivity to light
  • Your vision changes suddenly
  • You have nausea and vomiting too
  • You have swelling in/around your eyes
  • The pain is due to a foreign object or chemical
  • You see halos around lights
  • You can’t easily move your eye(s) or keep it/them open

What does an eye strain headache feel like?

It can be hard to tell what type of headache you have, but there are some common signs of an eye strain headache. Your headache is probably an eye strain headache if:

  • You have pain behind or around your eyes – The area may be sore, and this is the most common sign of an eye strain headache
  • You also have any of the related symptoms – Like watery eyes, dry eyes, temporary blurry vision, light sensitivity, a neck or back ache, or another related symptom (you may or may not have any of these symptoms)
  • You have no digestive discomfort – Like vomiting or nausea, which are often associated with other headaches
  • The pain improves with rest – After you rest your eyes for a while
  • The pain developed after a long period of eye activity – Eye activity means focusing on something like a book, the TV, a computer screen, or something else

If you have eye strain headaches, you’ll find relief with us at Promontory Family Vision. We can provide eye health evaluations, artificial tear treatment, reading or computer glasses, prescription medicines for eye diseases, and even medical procedures when necessary.

Do you have an eye strain and headache doctor in Ogden, UT?

Yes, we do! Our clinic is located at 5331 South Adams Ave. Suite B Ogden, UT, 84405, and we have a fully capable eye strain and headache doctor in Dr. Michael Judkins, OD. The doctor would be happy to see you to discuss your eye health during a simple checkup or consultation. Call our clinic today 801-479-7850 to book with us at Promontory Family Vision!