Eye Allergies and How to Treat them Questions & Answers

Eye Allergies are an uncomfortable reality that many millions of people live with on a regular and seasonal basis. Your optometrist can confirm if you are being affected by allergies and help you find solutions for your discomfort that can include eye drops, avoidance strategies or new eyeglasses. Call us today to speak with one of our eye specialists, or book an appointment online. We serve patients from Ogden UT, Washington Terrace UT, Uintah UT, Harrisville UT, South Ogden UT and Roy, UT.

Eye Allergies and How to Treat them
Eye Allergies and How to Treat them

Eye allergies for many are a frustrating seasonal visitor who can come along to ruin spring, make winters trapped indoors even more uncomfortable or render you unable to visit certain places due to fear of a reaction. If you are in the Ogden, Utah area and are looking for confirmation and solutions for your eye allergies please make an appointment with Promontory Family Vision, we would be happy to help you deal with your allergy discomfort.

How do you get rid of eye allergies?

Unfortunately, most allergies are permanent and will stick with you for the rest of your life. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to alleviate the symptoms of an allergy attack in the eyes.

Steps you can take yourself without professional assistance are washing your face with a hypoallergenic soap and cold water, try applying a cold compress, take over the counter antihistamines or use medicated eye drops. If you know the cause of your allergies, do your best to avoid that cause, such as staying inside as much as possible during high pollen seasons or avoiding the homes of friends with flowering plants or pets that trigger reactions. Avoid rubbing your eyes, if possible. In many cases you already have traces of the allergen on your hands and rubbing will only add fuel to the proverbial fire and the physical action of itching often causes added inflammation and discomfort in the long run. You could also consider installing an air purifier in your home or using an allergen filter on your furnace. Regular home cleaning, specifically dusting, wiping, sweeping, and vacuuming can help eliminate allergens brought in from outside by yourself or guests. Allergy Shots are an option to discuss with your primary care physician or an allergist if you need a semi-permanent solution.

How long do eye allergies last?

Eye allergies are often at their worst during the pollen season which can last from 4 to 8 weeks. Individual eye allergy attacks can last anywhere from a few minutes to feeling like they last all season, simply flowing from one attack to another without any relief.

How can you determine if you have eye allergies?

Warning symptoms of eye allergies are itching, redness, tearing, blurry vision, a burning sensation, swelling and a sensitivity to light. You may also start experiencing a respiratory reaction as well with sneezing and a runny nose accompanying the eye issues. The main outdoor triggers for most eye allergies are pollen and exhaust, indoor triggers include things like dander, dust, and mold. You may also react to certain perfumes, deodorants, or cigarette smoke.

Optometrists can often perform a general diagnosis on eye allergies by using a bio microscope for a heavily magnified view of the eye tissues, which will allow them to rule out bacterial or viral infections as the cause of the irritation. If more in-depth testing is needed, Allergists can perform blood tests and skin tests to determine if the body is reacting to certain substances.

How do Optometrists treat eye allergies?

While allergists are allergy experts, Optometrists are eye experts, hence they are the most qualified to recommend topical treatments and behavioral changes that will most benefit your eye health. They will also be able to prescribe medicated eye drops to help reduce itchiness and inflammation that may be safer and more effective than over the counter alternatives. In some cases, wearing glasses or sunglasses when outdoors or in an allergen heavy environment can help reduce the irritating effect of eye allergies as opposed to contacts which can occasionally become more irritating when under the effect of eye allergies.

You don’t need to suffer with eye allergies. Visit the optometrists at Promontory Family Vision to get the help you need.  Call or book an appointment.