Diabetic Eye Care in Ogden, UT

If you are suffering from vision problems due to a diabetic condition call the professionals at Promontory Family Vision. We have solutions tailored to your unique needs and we are conveniently located at 5331 Adams Ave Suite B, Ogden, UT 84405.

Diabetic Eye Clinic in Ogden, UT
Diabetic Eye Clinic in Ogden, UT

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic health conditions in adults in the United States. Many people may not immediately associate diabetes with eye problems, but it can cause significant damage to your eyesight. This means that people with diabetes should take extra care of their eyes and finding a qualified doctor who can provide preventive screenings and who has experience treating patients with diabetes is essential to protecting your whole-body health. At Promontory Family Vision in Ogden, UT, we provide extensive services for patients with diabetes.

How does diabetes negatively impact my eye health?

Diabetes occurs when your body is unable to properly regulate your blood glucose levels on its own. If your diabetes is not currently under control, it can lead to blurred vision or even permanently damaged eyesight. When your blood sugar levels are too high, it can lead to swelling of the eye lens, which means that blurry vision is often the first sign that your diabetes may be affecting your eyes. High blood sugar levels can also lead to weakened blood vessels in the back of the eye at the retina. This process, if left untreated, can sometimes result in permanent vision damage. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when blood that has leaked from weakened vessels hemorrhages, which stops blood flow into the retina. When the blood supply is cut off, crucial nutrients and oxygen cannot effectively reach that part of the eye.

How do I stop my diabetes from damaging my eyesight?

The most important step toward ensuring your eye health now and in the future if you have diabetes is to gain control of your blood sugar levels. You should work with a doctor to develop a diabetes management plan that will regulate your blood glucose and keep not only your eyes, but your entire body, healthy. Regular eye exams with a certified optometrist or ophthalmologist is also an important part of maintaining healthy eyesight throughout your life. At Promontory Family Vision, we proudly offer not only eye exams for corrective lenses, but specialized eye exams for patients with diabetes.

What is a diabetic eye exam?

If you have diabetes, your eye exam may include special steps to screen for early signs of diabetic retinopathy. Specialized eye drops will be used to dilate your pupil, so your doctor can effectively see into the back of your eye. By looking at your retina, your eye doctor will be able to screen for signs of blood flow issues or damaged vessels. Digital retinal photography can help your doctor further examine the retina, optic disk, and the blood vessels to provide an even closer look at the health of your eye. Retinal imaging provides a wider view of the retina than a typical exam with an ophthalmoscope, providing your doctor with even better information regarding your retinal health that can find signs of retinopathy early, allowing time for treatment before negative changes in your vision become permanent or worsen.

If you have diabetes and are looking for a certified eye doctor who has experience treating patients with this disease, contact the professionals at Promontory Family Vision to schedule a diabetic eye exam in Ogden, UT. We are proud to support the eye health of diabetic patients in our area by providing these necessary screening services. Don’t let your diabetes rob you of your good eyesight, trust our experienced doctors to help you ensure you see well now and long into the future.